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Our 1 hour initial appointments are the best way to get an accurate history and off to a great start with your performance programming.

To ensure you get your conditioning experience off to the best start possible we have engineered our initial appointment to ensure that leave with these important questions answered:

  • what is your current performance level?
  • what are your performance goals?
  • how can we help you reach your goals?

For more information on our studio and the programs on offer feel free to get in touch with Gary and the team by phone or email. Alternatively fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

If you want to come and take a look at our studio or want to chat face to face about your fitness goals then please get in touch before you pop in! We’re usually available between 9am-4pm during the week.

Level 2, 3-5 Hogan Avenue, Sydenham NSW 2044
02 9119 3674