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Nutrition is key to footballers of all levels. Maintaining a strong and healthy athletic performance is more than just a matter of training, practice and “keeping in shape.”

Your body needs support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep in order to keep performing and responding at peak levels.

Meals eaten before and after exercise are the most important in sports nutrition but you should pay attention to everything that you put into your body.

The CHOOSE FOOTBALL nutrition plans are simple to use and uses colours and icons to divide content into ‘Food Goals’ – FuelLean Muscle and Health.

They are backed by scientific research and are similar to plans used in top clubs across Europe.

Over 180 delicious, easy-to-make-meals with unique Nutrition Charts & Videos

Interactive Meal Plans designed for specific football & fitness goals

Learn how to make endless variations of differnet meals to suit to your goals

Physical programs and videos to help you achieve specific body shape and fitness goals

Infographics and videos regarding optimising nutrition

Most diets fail because they are rigid and impractical, but CHOOSE FOOTBALL Nutrition Plans’ simplicity and adaptability to varying training loads and goals mean it will it will produce great results over the long-term and have you performing better straight away.

The CHOOSE FOOTBALL‘s Nutrition library is continually updated with new meals, videos, meal plans, training and educational material at no extra cost.

Available as a subscription

CHOOSE FOOTBALL Nutrition is accessed online and via an app.

All players in our High Performance and Youth Development programs get access included in their program costs.

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